Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Websites

Since I last posted I've been kinda inactive, at least that was until yesterday when I got back to uni and all my creativity hit me at once. Or something.
Anyway I went mad and bought two new domains, check it out! The first is obviously a basic homepage  to link to all my other shisse but the second is my new project which I hope will combine both "new media" and traditional stuff.

For a while I wanted to make something physical but rather than simply design an art book of my stuff I thought why not make a whole new website then publish it. I plan on first printing it zine style then hopefully getting a bound full cover booklet made.
I'm also planning to get some glossy posters of some stuff printed.

I'm excited! Art can't happen quick enough right now. 

Oh, and if anyone knows a simple way to integrate this blog into my main site (as a "news" page) please let me know


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