Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I decided to resurrect this blog to use as my grown up news page (I can mostly be found on tumblr but the nature of that is somewhat unprofessional).

Since I last posted I finished my degree and currently exist in post BA purgatory. More info on my graduate degree show shortly. I hope to use this blog to share my ideas and writing and save my tumblr for gifs and witty one liners.

I still find it kind of difficult to talk my work, especially whatever it is I have just finished. I have been working as a tour guide for the whole degree show and today I had to explain this piece to some 14 year olds.

We Buy Art- 2012
I'm still trying to get the whole "online/irl artist" balance right, I don't really want to be a sculptor per se but I like the aesthetic of stuff.  Objectively I could say this represents a lot about my about anxieties working in "virtual reality" and the value placed upon physical art. I'm still not sure.

Writing an artist statement is just about my worst nightmare, it's akin to writing the "about me" on your MySpace back in 2005 or your OkCupid in 2012 . Trying to be arch, I copied and pasted a quote once attributed to Mdme De Gaulle in a totally deadpan manner, I haven't had a message since.
Out of my insistence that my artist statement should definitely be a one liner (the only sort o joke I can tell without cracking up) came a new strategy. Why should my artist statement be one sheet of A4 when it could be 140 characters?

So every day I am going to post a new artist statement at Maybe at the end of the year I'll print them all out and do something with them or maybe that's the exact opposite of what needs to happen.

Friday, 3 February 2012

My work is in this show in Los Angeles!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Forever a noob

 A yearning for simpler times
We all wish to be a lvl 1 noob again in one form or other
via wow

via pokemon

A return to innocence (via "some sort of post ironic rap group")

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Art Theory

I have to write a 5000 word catalogue essay this semester (basically a dissertation)

I sent her a smiley face

bitches love smiley faces- chipboard, xerox, tape- September 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011


in August I yearn for Autumn, crisp mornings with bright blue skies, contrasting with orange leaves which artfully decorate the pavement
in reality damp, decaying leaves lie in dullish brown piles by the roadside on another dishearteningly grey afternoon. The only orange is the reflection of street lights in the pavement on a wet evening.

On the internet not much changes
myspace, facebook, google+
livejournal, blogspot, tumblr

Post Script: Updating this thing is an almost seasonal activity. I don't have many ideas lately

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